Aoife & Emily 2017:

We loved the beach and swimming”

“We loved the ceilís and especially the ceilí mór”

“We loved the views”

“We loved the ‘Man of Aran’ fudge”

Aoife 2017:

“The beach is really nice and it’s fun to get to go swimming with your friends”

“You wouldn’t be able to see the scenery of the island anywhere else”

“All the cafes have unreal food and our Bean an Tí makes the best food as well”

Colman 2017:

“I liked the beach because it felt like a proper holiday”

“I didn’t like the ceilís at first but now I think they are very necessary. Personally, I prefer the singing”

“The sport was very enjoyable”

Jacob 2017:

“Bhí an ceilí agus an trá go hiontach”

Kilian 2017:

“Bhí na ranganna suimiúil. Chuaigh mé ag iascaireacht. Is maith liom ag dul go dtí an trá!”

Saidhbh 2017:

“I liked the beach and the ceilís. I loved the food from my bean an tí. My bean an tí was really kind and made the experience really enjoyable”

Ava & Grace 2017:

“Loved doing the verb rules, guta and consan etc.”

“Loved going to the beach”

“Loved Sharon’s food and how she made us feel so welcome”

“I loved going to the beach and wished we could have gone more!”

“Everyone here, like the principal, vice principal, teachers and my bean an tí are really welcoming  and nice”

“The island itself is amazing and I love it”

Grace 2017:

“Really nice bean an tí made us feel so welcome”

“Beach was fun ☺”

“Island is really nice”

“Fudge and brownies were amazing!”

“Loved the food in my house”

Aisling 2017:

“I really liked the ceilí mór/disco because it was really fun and the music was good”

“The beach was warm and the water was really clear and nice”

“The brownies and ‘Man of Aran’ fudge were really tasty”

Emma 2017:

“The course is very well organized”

“The teachers, Cinnirí, daidí beag and daidí mór are fair”

“There is a great shop on the island”

Emer 2017:

“The food in my house is amazing”

Colm 2017:

“I like the dinners at the house because they’re nice”

“I like the ceilí because they are fun”

“I like the beach when the weather is nice”

“I like the teachers as well”

Iarla 2017:

“The five a side was very fun and beneficial for the body”

“The ceilís were very good and entertaining”

“The water of the beach was very soothing after a long day of work in the classes”

Brian 2017:

“I loved the five a side because it was fun.”

“The disco was very good and going to the beach, the breaks at school were also good to play hurling”

Mia 2017:

“I liked the shop, the seaweed cafe. I love the beach and the water is amazing and the play ground and free time”

Kane 2017:

I liked the beach as it’s nice to cool off when it’s hot”

“I liked the walks as you could talk to more people”