Anon 2018:

Sally is really enjoying the course. I think the daily contact with home is really important. (I have experience with both and no contact in another college led to severe anxiety)  Not a complaint but I noticed that my daughter is really tired and a night off from the céilí would have been welcome. I appreciate that you have to keep the teenagers busy. Thanks for everything.

Anon 2018:

Conor has learnt a considerable amount of Irish in the two weeks he has been here. He has enjoyed making new friends and sports activities. It has been a positive experience and the break from social media and electronic games has been welcome. Overall very happy.

Paul 2018:

This is Hannah’s second year in Coláiste Laichtín. She really enjoys all aspects of the course from classroom, sporting activity and of course the céilí.

Aileen 2018:

Very happy. Enjoying the Irish language, which is a first for her! Finds the teachers very approachable and helpful.

Deirdre 2018:

Great time. Enjoying it.

Anon 2018:

Hannah is making lots of new friends and strengthening old bonds with existing friends. It is great to be without her phone so she is out in the fresh air all the time.

Bríd 2018:

She is really enjoying it. Time is flying.

Anon 2018:

Aoife seems to be enjoying the course here in Coláiste Laichtín. She enjoys the variety of activities. The Irish does not seem to be a problem to her and she will  hopefully continue to enjoy the rest of the course.

Anon 2018:

My daughter is enjoying the classes and all the activities. The whole course is going well