Pádraig Mac Cathmhaoil

Dia duit, just a quick word to say how MUCH I loved my experience at your school, it was in 1980-81. I wasn’t very “into” the Irish Language at that time! Reading off boring phrases at school YAWN, but was persuaded by a good friend of mine to go. Really to go to school everyday during summer,NO WAY!! Anyway as I said I was persuaded to go.

What a great time. I attend classes everyday was taught how to speak Irish and how to think As Gaelige, the time I had on Inis Oir was brilliant, We stayed with the Ban On Ti whose husband was the light House keeper very close to the wreck “the Plessy” I think the name was? I have lived in the States for the past 28 years and STILL talk about my time on that Island. I have three kids now and try to give them some basic teaching into the Irish language. If it wasn’t for my time there I wouldn’t passed my leaving cert in Irish and more important the importance of MY LANGUAGE. Thank you for an experience that I will NEVER NEVER forget!