Emma, Anna & Eimear

I met loads of new people and made lots of new friends. I especially enjoyed the free time, like at lunch. I loved going to the beach as well. I loved walking home and not having to take buses, cars etc. Overall I enjoyed the experience on the island.

I really enjoyed Coláiste Laichtín because the days were well structured. We got great weather so we went to the beach a lot. I made a lot of new friends. The teachers and ardchinnirí were helpful in learning new Irish. I liked my house because I got nice food. The sports and the teams were very good as well. I liked how we sometimes took a break from the céilís and sometimes took walks as well.

All the teachers are so nice and join in with the students when playing sports. Going to the beach was also really fun and the extra game we did on the beach like a huge game of bulldog. The classes were always helpful especially the grammar classes. The college diary is very good for the poems.