Child Protection Policy Overview

Coláiste Laichtín affirms that child protection and child welfare is at the heart of all elements of college life and as such must be central to its policies, work practices and all other activities. Consequently and in line with, ‘Child protection procedures for primary and post- primary schools’ Coláiste Laichtín’s committee has adopted the following child protection policy.

1. Coláiste Laichtín’s committee recognises and accepts ‘Child protection procedures for primary and post-primary schools’, ‘Children First’: Our Duty of Care’: ‘Child Protection and Welfare Practice Handbook’. They will be implemented in their totality without amendment as part of Coláiste Laichtín’s overall child protection policies.

2. The Designated Liason Person (DLP) is The Coláiste Laichtín Principal

3. The Deputy Designated Liason Person (DDLP) is The Deputy Principal/Senior Teacher

4. In its policies, work practices and other activities, Coláiste Laichtín will comply with the following principles and best practice in child protection and welfare.

The Coláiste will

  • Recognise that child protection and welfare is of paramount importance regardless of all other considerations.
  • Fully cooperate with the relevant statutory authorities in relation to child protection and welfare.
  • Adopt safe practices to minimise the risk of any harm or accident happening to a child while ensuring that staff members do not inadvertently put themselves in a situation which could result in allegations of abuse, neglect or failure in their duty of care.
  • Foster sincerity and develop, motivate and encourage parents to take an active interest in their child’s education.
  • To fully respect the requirement for discretion and confidentiality when dealing with child protection issues.