Where is Coláiste Laichtín?
Situated on Inis Oírr, one of the Aran Islands in Galway Bay. Click here for a Map

What age student attends?
Students ranging in age from 11yrs. – 19 yrs.

Where do students stay?
Students stay in local houses with a bean an tí. Usually there are between 8 & 16 students staying in each house. All houses are approved by the Coláiste and Roinn na Gaeltachta.

Can I bring my mobile phone?
Scoláirí may bring mobile phones. They may use the mobiles in their lodgings between 6.00p.m. and 8.00p.m.

Can I stay with a friend?
Yes. Small groups may stay together. College authorities make the final decision.

When can parents visit?
Parents usually visit on Sundays. Arrangements can be made with the Coláiste with regards to visits at other times. Parents must come to the college to collect son/daughter and sign them out and sign them in before they depart.

If I have a special diet, can I be accommodated?
Yes. Make all details available to both Coláiste Laichtin and bean an tí.

How much pocket money do I bring with me?
The amount of pocket money varies from student to student.

What happens if I speak Béarla?
All students are expected to speak Gaeilge at all times. It would be completely unfair for any one student or group of students to hinder the learning of others. Any student who persists in speaking Béarla will be dismissed.

Is there a bus available?
There are buses from Dublin, Athlone, Ennis and Galway.

What about the classes?
Students attend classes from Monday to Saturday. Classes are taught by experienced Junior, Leaving Cert & primary teachers. Emphasis is on the spoken Irish.

What about rain gear? 
It is very important that every student should bring suitable waterproof clothing to the College - windcheater, plastic mac or raincoat and headwear.

What about musical instruments? 
Students are encouraged to bring musical instruments. Students gain confidence, they may form a group and it will be beneficial when students participate in Comórtas na dTithe.

Are students responsible for their own laundry? 
Bean an Tí will assist with the laundry.

What should I be concerned about if I have a health problem? 
Please ensure that the information is accurate and up to date. Description of any health problem affecting your child. The address and telephone number where you can be contacted during the course.

Is there a doctor on the island? 
There is a full time doctor and nurse on the island.

Who is responsible for medical expenses? 
Any medical expense that may arise is the student’s responsibility.

If a student is dismissed or fail to take his/her place in Coláiste Laichtín, does he/she get a refund? 
A deposit of €200 is paid to Coláiste Laichtín with the application form. 
Deposit €200 refundable only to those who do not get a place.
The balance to be forwarded to Coláiste Laichtín on receipt of notice prior to commencement of course.
Cheques/Postal Orders should be made payable to Coláiste Laichtín.
No refund can be made in case of non-completion of course in cases of dismissal from course.


Is coláiste iontach é Coláiste Laichtín. Bhain mé taitneamh as an gcoicís a chaith mé ansin. Bhí gach duine chomh deas agus bhí na múinteoirí chomh cabhrach. Tá feabhas ar mo chuid Gaeilge agus cinnte beidh me ag filleadh ar ais ann.

Mark really enjoyed his time at the college this year. His confidence in Irish is growing all the time. He achieved a C on the Higher Level Junior Certificate. We are very pleased with the result. His report at the end of 1st year was an abysmal fail.

Is mar gheall ar mholadh mo charad gur shocraigh mé dul chuig Coláiste Laichtín trí bhliain ó shin. Chuaigh mé ann don chraic agus ní raibh aon suim agam sa Ghaeilge ag an am. D’fheadfá a rá go raibh mé go huile is go hiomlán i gcoinne na Gaeilge toisc go raibh mé tar éis Gaeilge gnánleibhéal a dhéanamh don Teastas Sóisearach. Is cuimhin liom nar thuig mé focal ar bith ar an gcéad lá, agus níor thuig na múinteoirí focal ar bith a dúirt mé! Cuireadh an t-ainm ‘buachaill gan gaeilge orm’.

All the teachers are so nice and join in with the students when playing sports. Going to the beach was also really fun and the extra game we did on the beach like a huge game of bulldog. The classes were always helpful especially the grammar classes. The college diary is very good for the poems.

I never spoke much Irish up to fifth year. That summer I attended Colaiste Laichtín in Inis Oírr. I never realised that Irish existed outside the classroom until that summer. My parents don’t speak Irish. My friends don’t speak Irish. I attended Coláiste Laichtín as a student in 2009. I returned as an ardchinnire/leader in 2014 and as a teacher in 2015. I will be returning again to teach in Coláiste Laichtín in 2016.

I met loads of new people and made lots of new friends. I especially enjoyed the free time, like at lunch. I loved going to the beach as well. I loved walking home and not having to take buses, cars etc. Overall I enjoyed the experience on the island.

I really enjoyed Coláiste Laichtín because I got to make loads of new friends. I will stay in contact with them. It definitely improved my Irish and made me more confident in speaking the language. We did really have fun activities such as themed ceilís and going to the beach.

I have lived in the States for the past 28 years and STILL talk about my time on that Island. I have three kids now and try to give them some basic teaching into the Irish language. If it wasn't for my time there I wouldn't passed my leaving cert in Irish and more important the importance of MY LANGUAGE. Thank you for an experience that I will NEVER NEVER forget!