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Child Protection Statement

Information regarding the reasons for policies on child protection and welfare.

  • Children First: 4.7.1 and 4.7.2

2. These policies are directed at

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Ardchinnirí
  • Mná Tí
  • Other employees/service providers

3. The above named are obliged to be informed on Coláiste Laichtín’s child protection policies and to implement them.

4. The objectives for child protection are outlined in The Introduction.

5. It is Coláiste Laichtín’s objective to protect children.

  • Children First: 1.4
  • Our Duty of Care: 1.4

6. The interests and welfare of the child takes precedence over everything else.

  • Children First: 1.4
  • Our Duty of Care: 1.4
  • Child Protection and Welfare Practice Handbook: 1.2.

7. The rights of the child to be protected are recognised along with the requirement for others to respect the child. The child will be listened to and attention will be given to his/her concerns.

  • Children First: Chapter 1
  • Our Duty of Care: 1.4

8. Regular evaluation/review of the child protection policy will take place; In the event that the law is changed and outside of that every second year as a minimum. The

Coláiste’s committee will make the appropriate changes.


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